Over 30 years of excellence

Breaking from the usual traditions in the world of luxury by

creating homes of exclusivity.


More than a home, its a lifestyle...


When we work with our clients...

Its about how they live, capturing the essence of the each room, creating a space thats functional for them, and a home that tells their story.



Before & After Home Transformations


Photorealistic Design

Photorealistic renderings...Frequently we incorporate visualization methods as one of the best ways of thinking through and presenting a design concept. 


  • Show potential buyers their future home

  • A priceless tool for selling property off-the-plan

  • Illustrate investment opportunities to clients






Design Consultations.

Complete design concepts.


Construction Design.

Assistance in the design process with new construction or renovation projects.


Interior Decorating.

From paint consultations to selecting the right artwork, furniture and lighting for one room or your entire home.


Investment Design.  

Identify investment opportunities to see the true vision for a home and maximize ROI.


Home Staging.

Leverage a home's appearance whithin its current framework.



We look forward to working together
Design International offers realtor incentive programs.

ADDING VALUE for every home buyer,

home seller and REALTOR.



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