Over 30 years of excellence


Breaking from the usual traditions in the world of luxury by creating homes of exclusivity. Design International combines original concepts and luxury, so that together they embody your lifestyle and create a lasting impression of your interior. We exceed the parameters of a traditional look to meet all of your comforts and functional needs. Over 30 years ago Beth Paparone began making "concepts a reality", being proud of our past we are looking forward to inspiring your future with Design International.

Its about how you live, capturing the essence of the each room, creating a space thats functional, and a home that tells your story.


We recognize that each project is an expression of our client's unique personality. Listening to our clients’ values and artistic preferences are essential to creating personalized interiors that are comfortable to our client’s home environment.  At DIPB, we believe that the perfect interior is one that enhances how you live in your home. 


Your level of involvement is at your discretion. We listen to your needs and begin to formulate the specifications to make your dream a reality. You can be involved throughout the specification process or wait until we prepare a pallet for your approval.